And let slaves

And let slaves It means that the child by five years spends in Preschool institution more than thousand hours that much more that time which they will spend at school in the next years; the figure simply stuns.

And let slaves deny it, but the choice which they make, generally declares the following: The child does not win first place in our life, he outside its center.

Career / earnings / public life / formation definitely decisive factors of our vital efforts.

Slaves make small group less than % of parents.

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They want

They want Also do not arrive differently.

Such parents steadily say in interview that they would like that their role was estimated above.

They want to return for work over time, but on condition of more flexible operating schedule and the help in professional development.

They also persistently speak about need of the paid holiday on care of children that valuable service which they render to society, fulfilling a parental duty, was more rewarded them.

It is obvious that times changed.

Many of us in the sixtieth and seventieth years fought for the right of women to follow career, and fight still proceeds.

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However, it is necessary

However, it is necessary The group of risk includes such products as nuts today in some countries to families in which there are allergic persons, the river mendut not to give to kids till three years of peanut products, and not to give the whole peanut even to healthy children up to pya ti years, citrus, eggs, strawberry and seafood.

However, it is necessary to approach all products with care.

To me kids met an allergy to potato, pomido ry and water izpod crane.

The best way to avoid problems to enter new products gradually.

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If long enough

If long enough Simon James, Association of a postnatal depression The joke is well clear to most of mothers of small children: What is necessary for the woman in a bed?

Eight hours of a dream.

But a dream it not a joke.

If long enough to ignore requirements the organism, consequence will be extremely adverse mi.

The association of a postnatal depression recommends to everyone newly made mother at least once a day properly to have a rest until the child reaches age of several weeks.

As the child matures, try to sleep, so far he sleeps, or ask your partner OR the girlfriend to sit with the kid, so far you have a rest.

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It is best

It is best It is best of all to enter the food containing nuts as the International Federation of Journalists but later; many experts recommend to wait to three years see.

Prevention of the main allergies.

By the end of the first year of life your kid has to upotreb lyat the most different products and in a certain degree pi to tatsya by the same, than other family members eat.

Help and you can always get support by phone to patro the foot sister can address through hospital or places ny bodies of health care.

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