It is convenient

It is convenient For example: Such impression that you chemto it is upset.

It is convenient to hang up labels on feelings: concrete ny names of feelings will help them to allocate, to distinguish and to endure them.

John Bristou, psychologist and psychotherapist Sometimes it is necessary for children that adults helped them Eden to tifitsirovat that they feel and why, for example: To me it seems, you are very angry on Katee that she broke igrush ku or Such impression that to you is terrible to go today in school.

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Step the third: analysis

Step the third: analysis But to children Work with feelings it is so easier to perceive information.

They often tell pain she if do not feel threat, and make contact, if on easier nimat consequences of the behavior.

Step the third: analysis of consequences of acts of your child.

It will give it deeper idea of that, as well as why nuzh but to improve or why it should avoid repetition on dobny situation in the future.

You forgot to feed a rabbit, and he now hungry sounds it is more clear, than: You are such egoist!

Poor rabbit!

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Emotions This part of a brain develops, only if it is actively involved.

Thanks to stories of parents between hemispheres of a children's brain new communications are formed, and it helps the child to switch quickly from images to words, accurately to express the thoughts, to offer an explanation for the events, and also stimulates vivid and active imagination.

Emotions lead to ¬conclusions: Reading it so abruptly, it calms and the imagination awakes.

The child very sensitively reacts to a voice of parents, their touches and desire to relax and take pleasure in the special moment of proximity with it.

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Anything Mothers feeding children from a horn did not endure the prolaktinew injection in blood stimulating maternal feelings.

Anything surprising that by the end of the sixtieth years there was a turn back to attachment, proximity and understanding that we need only love.

Whether change parental responsibilities your brain?

We know that education changes the child's brain.

And whether the return process is possible?

Researchers consider that it can take place interaction with the child causes structural changes in the parent's brain which normalize a condition of the parent and force it to arrive correctly.

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However constant

However constant Children instantly How to stimulate good behavior feel insincerity and continue to do that from them expect, but not about what ask.

It is certainly hard for you to consider the child it is indulged ny or difficult.

However constant shortage of trust mo zht to lead to resistance and protests on a measure to a vzrosla niya of the kid.

Besides, it will have no motivation for this purpose, to change if parents always notice only plo Hui also remind of mistakes.

Instructing in a negative key, you first of all risking those that suggest bad ideas.

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