Having trained

Having trained After you, having clicked language, the child has to reproduce the softened clinking sound such sound is made concerning the tasty peep.

Having trained such clatter with the child, offer it about iznesta the same sound without soaking up it in itself, and blowing spitting out it outside at the child there will be a sound, napomina yushchiya t'.

These sounds have to be said alternately.

Further it is necessary to say the clinking sound only on I pull down.

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They are given

They are given There is something special an impregnation of the small Golden Age.

Vedic treatises say that we live in such unique Kali South, one of one thousand in which window for all the living being, fourteen levels living on all planets which seek to reach spiritual perfection opens.

They are given chance completely to realize the initial spiritual nature.

The Veda say that the main place where it is possible to change considerably the further destiny, that is, a movement trajectory from one life in another, planets of average planetary level are.

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Do not press, calling

Do not press, calling Make an album of photos and the memorable moments, when the child was a newborn.

Tell it stories about that it did and as you felt as you a vper the vy took it on hands when he the first time smiled so he will understand that he too had this special time.

Do not press, calling the child the big brother, big sister.

Children sometimes take offense, when their personality pe it repletatsya with the new child and depends on it.

They poprezh to it those whom were, and thank you for it.

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The parental

The parental A lunch in this case are cordial relations with parents.

The parental relations, the relations with people which are more senior, are ready to give love, are not something limited by vital bonds, blood relations.

Each girl is capable to find the senior patroness, we will call so, the woman who has high, light qualities, the woman who itself is successful in a family or at least has deep belief in happiness in a family which would concern to the girl as mother near whom it could be open and feel care and support.

The age of this woman is not so important, she can be even a coeval, the main thing to have such maternal mood.

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It is connected

It is connected Repeat exercises in walking and run at a depth up to a breast, up to a neck.

As a result of longterm work with children it became clear that it is more difficult to in total beginner to ship the person in water.

It is connected with nalichy at the person socalled protective respiratory reaction which is shown involuntary convulsive breath with the subsequent stop dykha niya for some time even at simple immersion in water to level necks.

Most sharply it is shown at immersion in water of the person, at hit on the person of splashes or waves and especially during water running off from a face at the time of its pripodnimaniye from water.

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