On and development

On and development Floor and education We constantly see in mass media that girls otlich but study, and boys study hopelessly badly.

On and development Such messages unilaterally and often sound hysterically.

Researches it is also clear svidetelst vut that boys are ambitious, perfectly zavy vyvat labor market and never look back back.

That the statistics was reasonable, it it is necessary to process.

Concrete Marshall, teacher of the subject Education, Royal college, London New and revolutionary researches give surprisingly Gloux boky picture of how modern boys and girls of a re girut on training.

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We can to master

We can to master Your reciprocal reak tion will be more predictable if you realize, in what emo tsionalny state are.

Denial of feelings, even pe red by itself, will only create excess tension and will bring to that you eventually will explode.

The first step for transition of parents to the new level of education is recognition of the sob stvenny emotions, sufficient in order that to control them at the right time.

We can to master many tactics and to gain skills, but we cannot use their Izz own moods.

The analysis of own feelings in kakomto sense the highest skill.

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Instead of that

Instead of that It became the best the toning reception for both of us in a situation, when, appear, everything was lost.

Kate K.

That the child grew the happy This method worked even at a table, when usually all had not a joyful mood.

Instead of that to comment on that she did not eat carrots, I praised it that she already ate the whole two sausages.

It instantly affected its relation to food that I did not expect.

It did not become, as usual to smear food on a plate, she ate more, than for the last few weeks.

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Then sit down

Then sit down Your reaction: Council: You know, what I think, you should make?

Tomorrow morning come to the chief into an office and tell: Forgive, I was not right.

Then sit down and finish that part of work which you forgot to make today.

Not from vlekaysya on urgent affairs.

And if you clever also want to reserve this work, you have to be sure, that anything similar will not repeat any more.

Your reaction: Questions: Which urgent affairs brought to what you forgot about the special requirement of the chief?

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It is very

It is very Most often resort to homeopathy and the cranial osteo patiya.

It is very important to find the serious, competent practician, having experience with children and to apply only those meta dy which seem accepted to you and your child.

Kro me that, consider that all children to the porazny react on razlich ny methods.

Cranial osteopathy for babies Gez Lam, cranial osteostalemate Cranial osteopathy other name pediatric osteo the patiya is very soft noninvasive procedure, when prak the tic holds with hands the head or the child's body, hardly noticeable dv zheniye fixing problems.

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