Only having

Only having In this case same principle: at first the one who has the right to receive all types of care, guardianship, love, has to receive them, or take care of healing those wounds, those scars which remained with it from last stages of life.

Only having become happy in all types of the relations, that is the relations with friends, with adherents available to you, it is possible to develop a samokdostatochnost.

In the woman selfsufficiency razvivayetksya when she receives attention and love of the loved one, without feeling the obliged.

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In some sense

In some sense It changed our understanding of that does the person correct.

Hundred years ago parents wanted that children got good manners and a high social status, in postwar decades people saw the purpose in education, but today parents want that their children were emotionally competent.

In some sense this return to ancient wisdom: Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were emotionally living and sincere people and at the same time conceiving and highly educated.

Their feelings gave rise and fed their thoughts, but never dominated over them.

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And not for to mechat

And not for to mechat In behavior of children there is a lot of sexual.

And not for to mechat it it is harmful.

Parents have to support emotionally the child, very accurately outlining thus a behavior framework.

Any parental relation to sexuality will be the deputy to chatsya and be used by children.

For example, if, in opinion ro ditel, the body is obscene, children quickly enough will catch it.

Adults have to accept that development of children's sec.

sualnost very intimate.

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The child

The child The child has to tell, than two differ from each other similar subject for example: table and chair, plate and saucer, chair and sofa, book and notebook, etc.


The following tasks very much approach to begin znako Meath the child with names of letters.

Call each of letters, which to you will meet, but to demand from the child of special storing these letters it is not obligatory yet.

The name of a letter has to completely to coincide with sounding of a sound that is the letter r has to be called r, but not Ayr, p p, but not pe, etc.

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Other my pupil

Other my pupil He so is proud of the work that wants that I told about it it to mother on the parent sky meeting.

Other my pupil has a terrible handwriting, even it itself cannot sort that he wrote.

Estimates on spelling at it too below an average.

It goes on additional classes to other teacher.

I it seems flew with it this book, and we together praise it.

We we describe both everything that at it well it turns out in the plan spelling and calligraphy You did not forget to write the letter t in the word it is frequent.

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Natural stages

Natural stages Walkers can slow down development to a hozhda the niya and even negatively to affect development of the child.

Natural stages of development exist not simply so, and to pass them it is harmful to nervous system.

Penelope Robinson, director of professional communications Professional physiotherapeutic society Do not forget about yourself To your child to spit, whether you will wash a floor in kitchen, combines whether sya his undershirt with panties and how long you last time wiped dust.

And here on what to it not to spit, so it on yours food and on, whether enough you sleep, relax and about shchatsya not to feel completely exhausted.

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