Their main

Their main Internal experiences worry them much less.

Their main requirement to work and reach some rezultakt.

These children if they have a plan if they know are especially successful what to do.

Such active child has three requirements: It is always ready to go forward.

If it is impossible to go most forward, he is ready to lead others.

If nobody speaks where to go and there is nobody to lead, he will simply act at discretion.

Here also all problems begin.

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The second

The second The second case when the child himself addresses with proskby, but parents are compelled to refuse.

What are, skakzhy, humane ways not to allow to mount to the child upon a neck instead of at first allowing it to mount upon a neck, and then to become angry on itself, what offered some values or some important communication, or some priorities for the sake of it, and, having become angry on itself for such weakness, eventually, to break the evil on the child, having insulted it, having offended him or having punished?

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One more

One more Many girls identify attention with justice if to your voice not at slushivatsya, your selfassessment decreases.

One more vitally important element presence of the adult to which trust and to the tory gives emotional support.

When there is this family support which is supplemented by school and communication, vushka develop the installation I can I am able, thanks to which lead full life.

At girls social skills are, as a rule, more developed, and they earlier, than boys, become conscientious develop cognitive skills and small the motor earlier ku.

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It is convenient

It is convenient For example: Such impression that you chemto it is upset.

It is convenient to hang up labels on feelings: concrete ny names of feelings will help them to allocate, to distinguish and to endure them.

John Bristou, psychologist and psychotherapist Sometimes it is necessary for children that adults helped them Eden to tifitsirovat that they feel and why, for example: To me it seems, you are very angry on Katee that she broke igrush ku or Such impression that to you is terrible to go today in school.

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Step the third: analysis

Step the third: analysis But to children Work with feelings it is so easier to perceive information.

They often tell pain she if do not feel threat, and make contact, if on easier nimat consequences of the behavior.

Step the third: analysis of consequences of acts of your child.

It will give it deeper idea of that, as well as why nuzh but to improve or why it should avoid repetition on dobny situation in the future.

You forgot to feed a rabbit, and he now hungry sounds it is more clear, than: You are such egoist!

Poor rabbit!

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Emotions This part of a brain develops, only if it is actively involved.

Thanks to stories of parents between hemispheres of a children's brain new communications are formed, and it helps the child to switch quickly from images to words, accurately to express the thoughts, to offer an explanation for the events, and also stimulates vivid and active imagination.

Emotions lead to ¬conclusions: Reading it so abruptly, it calms and the imagination awakes.

The child very sensitively reacts to a voice of parents, their touches and desire to relax and take pleasure in the special moment of proximity with it.

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