It is connected

It is connected Repeat exercises in walking and run at a depth up to a breast, up to a neck.

As a result of longterm work with children it became clear that it is more difficult to in total beginner to ship the person in water.

It is connected with nalichy at the person socalled protective respiratory reaction which is shown involuntary convulsive breath with the subsequent stop dykha niya for some time even at simple immersion in water to level necks.

Most sharply it is shown at immersion in water of the person, at hit on the person of splashes or waves and especially during water running off from a face at the time of its pripodnimaniye from water.

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It in particular

It in particular At them so there has to be enough time to play with the child, and not just to provide physical care of it see below As to build the relations.

It in particular is important for babies and very small children who are not able to speak.

Preparation It had to be dragged gradually from me.

For it it was travmatichno, as well as for me, but it was the only kindergarten in our area.

It was necessary to adapt because I had to work and, I think, especially when the child the first, feel that in a different way you are not able to make.

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Say the disyllables

Say the disyllables.

The child has to spread schemes of these words and syllables.

Public sound in them always the shock.

Say the disyllables consisting of open syllables in which at the same time there are firm deafs and ringing steam rooms with vowels for example: soot, skin, saga, pose, etc.


The child has to to spread schemes of these words.

Explain to the child that in Russian there are sonants sounds which have no deaf couples.

These sounds even more ringing, than what you already passed, in them there is more voice: m, N, r, l they are called sonorny the child does not need to report this word.

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Rachelle The problem is solved.

Rachelle goes to a garden.

Mother goes to shop!

Now, when I remember it, I understand that it was required to make considerable efforts, that to discipline itself and to spend to enough vra pass on sitting down with Rachelle and to solve ours about to the bly.

I am glad that made it.

Rachelle too!

To my son, Michael Houard, five and a half years, it goes to nulevka.

He reads books, which pass with third on the sixth class.

It has a pain necks a lexicon, and it wants to be plastic surgeon.

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Is connected

Is connected In the same way in the sphere of mentality it is very dangerous to use similar analogies because it is possible to come to the wrong conclusions and as a result to actions, destructive for mentality of the child.

Is connected the extremely important principle of with feature of functioning of a brain of the child, mentality and a condition of his thin body that it is difficult for child to abstragirokvatsya from reality.

He can perceive everything as unreal, that is it is very easy to transfer some fantastic concepts and fantastic situations to the life and is very quiet to live in them that can practically promote its development.

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Next day he is a sover

Next day he is a sover but not: That I made, proves that I useless the person deserving punishment.

I do not punish the son any more, but now, to I him abuse a gd for that he incorrectly made something, he speaks to me: Excuse.

Next day he is a sover shat the same.

What it is possible to make with it?

Some children use apologies, that uspo to koit the angry parents.

They quickly izvinya yutsyatsya and all the same behave badly.

To these children it is important to understand that if they sincerely are sorry about deeds, them remorse has to find an embodiment in dy stviye.

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