Yes, you represent, when

Yes, you represent, when Two days ago at us such took place conversation: Brian.

Mothers, I have problems from Mrs.


It constantly clings to me and does to me the deputy chaniye before a class.

M and m and.



Yes, you represent, when me on cut, she told: Look, children, at us but the vy pupil in a class.




And then, when I put on the new checkered trousers, she told: Oh, look on Mr.

Fashionable Trousers.

Mother is not able to restrain any more.

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Thus it has to concentrate

Thus it has to concentrate That is the child will be as if to drive the same air with whistle and noise there and back.

Thus it has to concentrate on the movement air and feeling of a chill on teeth, but not simply automatically to breathe in this way.

It will be possible to hold up to lips a palm _ on it to be felt an exhalation and sometimes and a breath.

Against such breath the child has to say sounds.

Involved through clenched teeth a little air and on the same air said sounds.

As a result at the child it has to turn out very silent, shepotny pronunciation of a sound t, with the subtle whistling shade.

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We teach

We teach If both of you got used to tell and listen to each other, to you it is not necessary to break excess barriers.

We teach the child to listen Your child will learn to listen if you listen to him.

On to it all aforesaid is extremely important.

Besides, turn those attention to the following.

Be arranged under the level of understanding of the child.

Language the piece difficult, the level of understanding of the child depends from his cart rast and abilities see.

Change the speech.

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The last

The last The feeling of physiological changes, turning on of the mechanism of monthly cycles at girls begins.

The last people vile, girlfriends traitresses, mother the extremely uncomprehending, foreign person suddenly feel shock of sharp change of mood when all seems neprivlekatelkny around.

Boys also endure the discomfort, internal pressure of destiny.

And though financially, financially, even physically teenagers are completely protected by guardianship of adults, nevertheless, they feel that full protection against parents cannot receive any more.

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But, unfortunately, often

But, unfortunately, often And well, quickly take garbage and run to the yard that to take out it.

But often it distances, spoils the relations because we from the softest measure pass at once to the most rigid.

While we have still opportunities to learn in what business, to learn what state, what problems of the child.

But, unfortunately, often so happens only in the theory.

In practice to make it time is necessary.

It is necessary that among all priorities which we expose in life for every day, the child took not the latest place and that the quantity of the circles visited within a week was not the main criterion of efficiency and consciousness of parents, understanding them the duties.

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This method

This method About it it is heavy to remember, and to you, maybe, even it is necessary to break hundred ry habits, but do not recede.

Over time you will get used.

This method is recognized by all dear experts, zan the toiling problems of children, as important and effective on vyk, and also as one of the most effective ways of a zashcha to tit and raise a selfassessment of the child and to help it to operate the behavior.

Refusal of labels will help your child, because: Labels characterize the child, but not his acts.

Your child can decide that you condemn him, but not it on maintaining.

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