Instead of that

Instead of that It became the best the toning reception for both of us in a situation, when, appear, everything was lost.

Kate K.

That the child grew the happy This method worked even at a table, when usually all had not a joyful mood.

Instead of that to comment on that she did not eat carrots, I praised it that she already ate the whole two sausages.

It instantly affected its relation to food that I did not expect.

It did not become, as usual to smear food on a plate, she ate more, than for the last few weeks.

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Then sit down

Then sit down Your reaction: Council: You know, what I think, you should make?

Tomorrow morning come to the chief into an office and tell: Forgive, I was not right.

Then sit down and finish that part of work which you forgot to make today.

Not from vlekaysya on urgent affairs.

And if you clever also want to reserve this work, you have to be sure, that anything similar will not repeat any more.

Your reaction: Questions: Which urgent affairs brought to what you forgot about the special requirement of the chief?

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It is very

It is very Most often resort to homeopathy and the cranial osteo patiya.

It is very important to find the serious, competent practician, having experience with children and to apply only those meta dy which seem accepted to you and your child.

Kro me that, consider that all children to the porazny react on razlich ny methods.

Cranial osteopathy for babies Gez Lam, cranial osteostalemate Cranial osteopathy other name pediatric osteo the patiya is very soft noninvasive procedure, when prak the tic holds with hands the head or the child's body, hardly noticeable dv zheniye fixing problems.

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When How to speak

When How to speak Your reaction: It is possible to tell with confidence that you not to a jota whether, that your children tested in relation to you such feelings which you just described.

When How to speak that children listened.

people become dependent, together with not big appreciation they usually test huge helplessness, uselessness, indignation, disappointment and rage.

Such unhappy truth before stavlyat a dilemma for us, as parents.

With one the parties, children, undoubtedly, depend on us.

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The natural, healthy

The natural, healthy We, for example, increase quantity these factors for the children that they were happy at us in the eyes.

Thereby we make violence because the hemisphere which is responsible for positive emotions, has to have a rest, it has to be restored in order that again to endure them.

The natural, healthy mode for our mentality is the period of a certain discomfort of feelings which are connected with activity of other hemisphere fear, of anger, shame, feeling of grief.

And if it becomes consciously as a voluntary step, as a method a samoochishchekniya, and such practicians are mentioned in Vedic pisakniya, it becomes the natural process, so natural, as a breath and an exhalation.

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{ Primech. edition

{ Primech. edition Explain silently.

Try to lower temperature, on nizhy tone of the voice and showing to the child confidence in that he can behave better.

If he shouts, a pober To Geeta the sheaves until he calms down because it all rav but will not hear you.

Frustration {here a condition of mentality at impossibility to reach the desirable.

{ Primech.

edition Awfully normal Avoid a connivance to unreasonable requests.

Yours it is sure the nost will modify his behavior, and concessions strongly to Provo tsirut hysterics.

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