Barbara Dale, coordinator

Barbara Dale, coordinator Barbara Dale, coordinator of the Parental network In the first dvatr of month of mother and to the baby it is best of all much time to spend together.

When it feelings will become more developed, the baby will begin to realize world around, but initially its world this is his mother therefore first of all he wants to see and to learn it.

Peter Walker, writer, yoga instructor and the physiotherapist working with mothers and children Communication with the baby Today there is a set of proofs of that kids are born ready to communication and interaction with adults.

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The child

The child At the account it holds with one hand a core, and another from left to right by means of a divider separates one bead for another.

The child already worked earlier with numerical bars, circles and spindles.

Cores with beads it is possible also to lay out on a table.

Now the child displays all other cores with beads, in the same way recalculating beads on each core.

A numerical row is so remembered: set and color.

Later it facilitates the account of color cores with beads.

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