And when

And when Perhaps, to you it will be simpler, if we review examples.

When you speak horse Communication and doggie, you emphasize sounds to and h, that the child could hear and repeat them.

And when allocate the separate the word spoon instead of: Look, here your spoon, take it in the handle, the good fellow it helps the child to distinguish and zapo to minat names of subjects and induces to use these on ranks.

Dr Sallie Ward, logopedterapevt, explains: Parental language ochenyochen is important.

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And every

And every It concerns our own experience, our childhood, and, unfortunately, this practice spontaneously, it is possible to tell, uncontrollable, prodolzhayetksya concerning our children.

And every time when the child speaks about some desires which to parents seem not in power or not corresponding to the financial status, communications, opportunities and so on, reproaches sound that the child is bad or spoiled.

Suppression of desires by the major educational method as parents did not know was traditional how to cope with negative emotions which are naturally shown in each person if his desire is not met.

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