From life

From life They cannot be packed, bought and sold therefore move away them from eyes down with.

There is also another, perhaps, more serious consequence production and expenditure.

From life disappear not only walks on a beach and communication with neighbors, but also a certain type of people.

Very old and very small, disabled people, sluggish people, patients, dissidents do not represent the price in the world of production and expenditure of money.

They cannot be operated.

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On and development

On and development Floor and education We constantly see in mass media that girls otlich but study, and boys study hopelessly badly.

On and development Such messages unilaterally and often sound hysterically.

Researches it is also clear svidetelst vut that boys are ambitious, perfectly zavy vyvat labor market and never look back back.

That the statistics was reasonable, it it is necessary to process.

Concrete Marshall, teacher of the subject Education, Royal college, London New and revolutionary researches give surprisingly Gloux boky picture of how modern boys and girls of a re girut on training.

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