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And let slaves

It means that the child by five years spends in Preschool institution more than thousand hours that much more that time which they will spend at school in the next years; the figure simply stuns.And let slaves deny it, but the choice which they make, generally declares the following: The child does not win first place in our life, he outside its center.Career / earnings / public life / formation definitely decisive factors of our vital efforts.Slaves make small group less than % of parents.

They want

Also do not arrive differently.Such parents steadily say in interview that they would like that their role was estimated above.They want to return for work over time, but on condition of more flexible operating schedule and the help in professional development.They also persistently speak about need of the paid holiday on care of children that valuable service which they render to society, fulfilling a parental duty, was more rewarded them.It is obvious that times changed.Many of us in the sixtieth and seventieth years fought for the right of women to follow career, and fight still proceeds.

However, it is necessary

The group of risk includes such products as nuts today in some countries to families in which there are allergic persons, the river mendut not to give to kids till three years of peanut products, and not to give the whole peanut even to healthy children up to pya ti years, citrus, eggs, strawberry and seafood.However, it is necessary to approach all products with care.To me kids met an allergy to potato, pomido ry and water izpod crane.The best way to avoid problems to enter new products gradually.

If long enough

Simon James, Association of a postnatal depression The joke is well clear to most of mothers of small children: What is necessary for the woman in a bed?Eight hours of a dream.But a dream it not a joke.If long enough to ignore requirements the organism, consequence will be extremely adverse mi.The association of a postnatal depression recommends to everyone newly made mother at least once a day properly to have a rest until the child reaches age of several weeks.As the child matures, try to sleep, so far he sleeps, or ask your partner OR the girlfriend to sit with the kid, so far you have a rest.

It is best

It is best of all to enter the food containing nuts as the International Federation of Journalists but later; many experts recommend to wait to three years see.Prevention of the main allergies.By the end of the first year of life your kid has to upotreb lyat the most different products and in a certain degree pi to tatsya by the same, than other family members eat.Help and you can always get support by phone to patro the foot sister can address through hospital or places ny bodies of health care.

When the engine

Interaction of these two energiya of yinyan is similar to interaction of heat and cold in the car engine.When the engine works and as it works, the car moves, and the huge number of heat is allocated.But thus the special device, a radiator or the cooling system, holds balance that all mechanism did not overheat and the movement did not stop.In it the understanding of distinctions of the nature of boys and girls without paranoichesky perception also consists that the girl so strongly differs by the nature, and that it, appears, is created only to fulfill Bad destiny.

Only having

In this case same principle: at first the one who has the right to receive all types of care, guardianship, love, has to receive them, or take care of healing those wounds, those scars which remained with it from last stages of life.Only having become happy in all types of the relations, that is the relations with friends, with adherents available to you, it is possible to develop a samokdostatochnost.In the woman selfsufficiency razvivayetksya when she receives attention and love of the loved one, without feeling the obliged.

In some sense

It changed our understanding of that does the person correct.Hundred years ago parents wanted that children got good manners and a high social status, in postwar decades people saw the purpose in education, but today parents want that their children were emotionally competent.In some sense this return to ancient wisdom: Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were emotionally living and sincere people and at the same time conceiving and highly educated.Their feelings gave rise and fed their thoughts, but never dominated over them.

And not for to mechat

In behavior of children there is a lot of sexual.And not for to mechat it it is harmful.Parents have to support emotionally the child, very accurately outlining thus a behavior framework.Any parental relation to sexuality will be the deputy to chatsya and be used by children.For example, if, in opinion ro ditel, the body is obscene, children quickly enough will catch it.Adults have to accept that development of children's sec.sualnost very intimate.

The child

The child has to tell, than two differ from each other similar subject for example: table and chair, plate and saucer, chair and sofa, book and notebook, etc..The following tasks very much approach to begin znako Meath the child with names of letters.Call each of letters, which to you will meet, but to demand from the child of special storing these letters it is not obligatory yet.The name of a letter has to completely to coincide with sounding of a sound that is the letter r has to be called r, but not Ayr, p p, but not pe, etc.

Other my pupil

He so is proud of the work that wants that I told about it it to mother on the parent sky meeting.Other my pupil has a terrible handwriting, even it itself cannot sort that he wrote.Estimates on spelling at it too below an average.It goes on additional classes to other teacher.I it seems flew with it this book, and we together praise it.We we describe both everything that at it well it turns out in the plan spelling and calligraphy You did not forget to write the letter t in the word it is frequent.

Natural stages

Walkers can slow down development to a hozhda the niya and even negatively to affect development of the child.Natural stages of development exist not simply so, and to pass them it is harmful to nervous system.Penelope Robinson, director of professional communications Professional physiotherapeutic society Do not forget about yourself To your child to spit, whether you will wash a floor in kitchen, combines whether sya his undershirt with panties and how long you last time wiped dust.And here on what to it not to spit, so it on yours food and on, whether enough you sleep, relax and about shchatsya not to feel completely exhausted.

Their main

Internal experiences worry them much less.Their main requirement to work and reach some rezultakt.These children if they have a plan if they know are especially successful what to do.Such active child has three requirements: It is always ready to go forward.If it is impossible to go most forward, he is ready to lead others.If nobody speaks where to go and there is nobody to lead, he will simply act at discretion.Here also all problems begin.

The second

The second case when the child himself addresses with proskby, but parents are compelled to refuse.What are, skakzhy, humane ways not to allow to mount to the child upon a neck instead of at first allowing it to mount upon a neck, and then to become angry on itself, what offered some values or some important communication, or some priorities for the sake of it, and, having become angry on itself for such weakness, eventually, to break the evil on the child, having insulted it, having offended him or having punished?

One more

Many girls identify attention with justice if to your voice not at slushivatsya, your selfassessment decreases.One more vitally important element presence of the adult to which trust and to the tory gives emotional support.When there is this family support which is supplemented by school and communication, vushka develop the installation I can I am able, thanks to which lead full life.At girls social skills are, as a rule, more developed, and they earlier, than boys, become conscientious develop cognitive skills and small the motor earlier ku.

It is convenient

For example: Such impression that you chemto it is upset.It is convenient to hang up labels on feelings: concrete ny names of feelings will help them to allocate, to distinguish and to endure them.John Bristou, psychologist and psychotherapist Sometimes it is necessary for children that adults helped them Eden to tifitsirovat that they feel and why, for example: To me it seems, you are very angry on Katee that she broke igrush ku or Such impression that to you is terrible to go today in school.

Step the third: analysis

But to children Work with feelings it is so easier to perceive information.They often tell pain she if do not feel threat, and make contact, if on easier nimat consequences of the behavior.Step the third: analysis of consequences of acts of your child.It will give it deeper idea of that, as well as why nuzh but to improve or why it should avoid repetition on dobny situation in the future.You forgot to feed a rabbit, and he now hungry sounds it is more clear, than: You are such egoist!Poor rabbit!


This part of a brain develops, only if it is actively involved.Thanks to stories of parents between hemispheres of a children's brain new communications are formed, and it helps the child to switch quickly from images to words, accurately to express the thoughts, to offer an explanation for the events, and also stimulates vivid and active imagination.Emotions lead to ¬conclusions: Reading it so abruptly, it calms and the imagination awakes.The child very sensitively reacts to a voice of parents, their touches and desire to relax and take pleasure in the special moment of proximity with it.


Mothers feeding children from a horn did not endure the prolaktinew injection in blood stimulating maternal feelings.Anything surprising that by the end of the sixtieth years there was a turn back to attachment, proximity and understanding that we need only love.Whether change parental responsibilities your brain?We know that education changes the child's brain.And whether the return process is possible?Researchers consider that it can take place interaction with the child causes structural changes in the parent's brain which normalize a condition of the parent and force it to arrive correctly.

However constant

Children instantly How to stimulate good behavior feel insincerity and continue to do that from them expect, but not about what ask.It is certainly hard for you to consider the child it is indulged ny or difficult.However constant shortage of trust mo zht to lead to resistance and protests on a measure to a vzrosla niya of the kid.Besides, it will have no motivation for this purpose, to change if parents always notice only plo Hui also remind of mistakes.Instructing in a negative key, you first of all risking those that suggest bad ideas.

Having trained

After you, having clicked language, the child has to reproduce the softened clinking sound such sound is made concerning the tasty peep.Having trained such clatter with the child, offer it about iznesta the same sound without soaking up it in itself, and blowing spitting out it outside at the child there will be a sound, napomina yushchiya t'.These sounds have to be said alternately.Further it is necessary to say the clinking sound only on I pull down.

They are given

There is something special an impregnation of the small Golden Age.Vedic treatises say that we live in such unique Kali South, one of one thousand in which window for all the living being, fourteen levels living on all planets which seek to reach spiritual perfection opens.They are given chance completely to realize the initial spiritual nature.The Veda say that the main place where it is possible to change considerably the further destiny, that is, a movement trajectory from one life in another, planets of average planetary level are.

Do not press, calling

Make an album of photos and the memorable moments, when the child was a newborn.Tell it stories about that it did and as you felt as you a vper the vy took it on hands when he the first time smiled so he will understand that he too had this special time.Do not press, calling the child the big brother, big sister.Children sometimes take offense, when their personality pe it repletatsya with the new child and depends on it.They poprezh to it those whom were, and thank you for it.

The parental

A lunch in this case are cordial relations with parents.The parental relations, the relations with people which are more senior, are ready to give love, are not something limited by vital bonds, blood relations.Each girl is capable to find the senior patroness, we will call so, the woman who has high, light qualities, the woman who itself is successful in a family or at least has deep belief in happiness in a family which would concern to the girl as mother near whom it could be open and feel care and support.The age of this woman is not so important, she can be even a coeval, the main thing to have such maternal mood.

It is connected

Repeat exercises in walking and run at a depth up to a breast, up to a neck.As a result of longterm work with children it became clear that it is more difficult to in total beginner to ship the person in water.It is connected with nalichy at the person socalled protective respiratory reaction which is shown involuntary convulsive breath with the subsequent stop dykha niya for some time even at simple immersion in water to level necks.Most sharply it is shown at immersion in water of the person, at hit on the person of splashes or waves and especially during water running off from a face at the time of its pripodnimaniye from water.

It in particular

At them so there has to be enough time to play with the child, and not just to provide physical care of it see below As to build the relations.It in particular is important for babies and very small children who are not able to speak.Preparation It had to be dragged gradually from me.For it it was travmatichno, as well as for me, but it was the only kindergarten in our area.It was necessary to adapt because I had to work and, I think, especially when the child the first, feel that in a different way you are not able to make.

Say the disyllables

.The child has to spread schemes of these words and syllables.Public sound in them always the shock.Say the disyllables consisting of open syllables in which at the same time there are firm deafs and ringing steam rooms with vowels for example: soot, skin, saga, pose, etc..The child has to to spread schemes of these words.Explain to the child that in Russian there are sonants sounds which have no deaf couples.These sounds even more ringing, than what you already passed, in them there is more voice: m, N, r, l they are called sonorny the child does not need to report this word.


The problem is solved.Rachelle goes to a garden.Mother goes to shop!Now, when I remember it, I understand that it was required to make considerable efforts, that to discipline itself and to spend to enough vra pass on sitting down with Rachelle and to solve ours about to the bly.I am glad that made it.Rachelle too!To my son, Michael Houard, five and a half years, it goes to nulevka.He reads books, which pass with third on the sixth class.It has a pain necks a lexicon, and it wants to be plastic surgeon.

Is connected

In the same way in the sphere of mentality it is very dangerous to use similar analogies because it is possible to come to the wrong conclusions and as a result to actions, destructive for mentality of the child.Is connected the extremely important principle of with feature of functioning of a brain of the child, mentality and a condition of his thin body that it is difficult for child to abstragirokvatsya from reality.He can perceive everything as unreal, that is it is very easy to transfer some fantastic concepts and fantastic situations to the life and is very quiet to live in them that can practically promote its development.

Next day he is a sover

but not: That I made, proves that I useless the person deserving punishment.I do not punish the son any more, but now, to I him abuse a gd for that he incorrectly made something, he speaks to me: Excuse.Next day he is a sover shat the same.What it is possible to make with it?Some children use apologies, that uspo to koit the angry parents.They quickly izvinya yutsyatsya and all the same behave badly.To these children it is important to understand that if they sincerely are sorry about deeds, them remorse has to find an embodiment in dy stviye.

Yes, you represent, when

Two days ago at us such took place conversation: Brian.Mothers, I have problems from Mrs.Ai.It constantly clings to me and does to me the deputy chaniye before a class.M and m and.Yes.Brian.Yes, you represent, when me on cut, she told: Look, children, at us but the vy pupil in a class.Mother.Hm.Brian.And then, when I put on the new checkered trousers, she told: Oh, look on Mr.Fashionable Trousers.Mother is not able to restrain any more.

Thus it has to concentrate

That is the child will be as if to drive the same air with whistle and noise there and back.Thus it has to concentrate on the movement air and feeling of a chill on teeth, but not simply automatically to breathe in this way.It will be possible to hold up to lips a palm _ on it to be felt an exhalation and sometimes and a breath.Against such breath the child has to say sounds.Involved through clenched teeth a little air and on the same air said sounds.As a result at the child it has to turn out very silent, shepotny pronunciation of a sound t, with the subtle whistling shade.

We teach

If both of you got used to tell and listen to each other, to you it is not necessary to break excess barriers.We teach the child to listen Your child will learn to listen if you listen to him.On to it all aforesaid is extremely important.Besides, turn those attention to the following.Be arranged under the level of understanding of the child.Language the piece difficult, the level of understanding of the child depends from his cart rast and abilities see.Change the speech.

The last

The feeling of physiological changes, turning on of the mechanism of monthly cycles at girls begins.The last people vile, girlfriends traitresses, mother the extremely uncomprehending, foreign person suddenly feel shock of sharp change of mood when all seems neprivlekatelkny around.Boys also endure the discomfort, internal pressure of destiny.And though financially, financially, even physically teenagers are completely protected by guardianship of adults, nevertheless, they feel that full protection against parents cannot receive any more.

But, unfortunately, often

And well, quickly take garbage and run to the yard that to take out it.But often it distances, spoils the relations because we from the softest measure pass at once to the most rigid.While we have still opportunities to learn in what business, to learn what state, what problems of the child.But, unfortunately, often so happens only in the theory.In practice to make it time is necessary.It is necessary that among all priorities which we expose in life for every day, the child took not the latest place and that the quantity of the circles visited within a week was not the main criterion of efficiency and consciousness of parents, understanding them the duties.

This method

About it it is heavy to remember, and to you, maybe, even it is necessary to break hundred ry habits, but do not recede.Over time you will get used.This method is recognized by all dear experts, zan the toiling problems of children, as important and effective on vyk, and also as one of the most effective ways of a zashcha to tit and raise a selfassessment of the child and to help it to operate the behavior.Refusal of labels will help your child, because: Labels characterize the child, but not his acts.Your child can decide that you condemn him, but not it on maintaining.

About the author

This idea is embodied thanks to my friends, radio, Internet lectures, consultations, but did not exhaust all opportunities yet.We invite you to take active part in this community.About the author Ruslan Albertovich Narushevich the expert in the field of family and interpersonal psychology and the professionalkny astrologer.Ruslan Narushevich was born in January, in Ventspils, in Latvia.Since studies Vedic treatises.Since is engaged in lecturing activity, giving scientific popular lectures on Vedic knowledge, and also holds personal consultations on Vedic psychology and an astrology for the solution of family and office problems.

And when

Perhaps, to you it will be simpler, if we review examples.When you speak horse Communication and doggie, you emphasize sounds to and h, that the child could hear and repeat them.And when allocate the separate the word spoon instead of: Look, here your spoon, take it in the handle, the good fellow it helps the child to distinguish and zapo to minat names of subjects and induces to use these on ranks.Dr Sallie Ward, logopedterapevt, explains: Parental language ochenyochen is important.

And every

It concerns our own experience, our childhood, and, unfortunately, this practice spontaneously, it is possible to tell, uncontrollable, prodolzhayetksya concerning our children.And every time when the child speaks about some desires which to parents seem not in power or not corresponding to the financial status, communications, opportunities and so on, reproaches sound that the child is bad or spoiled.Suppression of desires by the major educational method as parents did not know was traditional how to cope with negative emotions which are naturally shown in each person if his desire is not met.

From life

They cannot be packed, bought and sold therefore move away them from eyes down with.There is also another, perhaps, more serious consequence production and expenditure.From life disappear not only walks on a beach and communication with neighbors, but also a certain type of people.Very old and very small, disabled people, sluggish people, patients, dissidents do not represent the price in the world of production and expenditure of money.They cannot be operated.

On and development

Floor and education We constantly see in mass media that girls otlich but study, and boys study hopelessly badly.On and development Such messages unilaterally and often sound hysterically.Researches it is also clear svidetelst vut that boys are ambitious, perfectly zavy vyvat labor market and never look back back.That the statistics was reasonable, it it is necessary to process.Concrete Marshall, teacher of the subject Education, Royal college, London New and revolutionary researches give surprisingly Gloux boky picture of how modern boys and girls of a re girut on training.

We can to master

Your reciprocal reak tion will be more predictable if you realize, in what emo tsionalny state are.Denial of feelings, even pe red by itself, will only create excess tension and will bring to that you eventually will explode.The first step for transition of parents to the new level of education is recognition of the sob stvenny emotions, sufficient in order that to control them at the right time.We can to master many tactics and to gain skills, but we cannot use their Izz own moods.The analysis of own feelings in kakomto sense the highest skill.

Instead of that

It became the best the toning reception for both of us in a situation, when, appear, everything was lost.Kate K.That the child grew the happy This method worked even at a table, when usually all had not a joyful mood.Instead of that to comment on that she did not eat carrots, I praised it that she already ate the whole two sausages.It instantly affected its relation to food that I did not expect.It did not become, as usual to smear food on a plate, she ate more, than for the last few weeks.

Then sit down

Your reaction: Council: You know, what I think, you should make?Tomorrow morning come to the chief into an office and tell: Forgive, I was not right.Then sit down and finish that part of work which you forgot to make today.Not from vlekaysya on urgent affairs.And if you clever also want to reserve this work, you have to be sure, that anything similar will not repeat any more.Your reaction: Questions: Which urgent affairs brought to what you forgot about the special requirement of the chief?

It is very

Most often resort to homeopathy and the cranial osteo patiya.It is very important to find the serious, competent practician, having experience with children and to apply only those meta dy which seem accepted to you and your child.Kro me that, consider that all children to the porazny react on razlich ny methods.Cranial osteopathy for babies Gez Lam, cranial osteostalemate Cranial osteopathy other name pediatric osteo the patiya is very soft noninvasive procedure, when prak the tic holds with hands the head or the child's body, hardly noticeable dv zheniye fixing problems.

When How to speak

Your reaction: It is possible to tell with confidence that you not to a jota whether, that your children tested in relation to you such feelings which you just described.When How to speak that children listened.people become dependent, together with not big appreciation they usually test huge helplessness, uselessness, indignation, disappointment and rage.Such unhappy truth before stavlyat a dilemma for us, as parents.With one the parties, children, undoubtedly, depend on us.

The natural, healthy

We, for example, increase quantity these factors for the children that they were happy at us in the eyes.Thereby we make violence because the hemisphere which is responsible for positive emotions, has to have a rest, it has to be restored in order that again to endure them.The natural, healthy mode for our mentality is the period of a certain discomfort of feelings which are connected with activity of other hemisphere fear, of anger, shame, feeling of grief.And if it becomes consciously as a voluntary step, as a method a samoochishchekniya, and such practicians are mentioned in Vedic pisakniya, it becomes the natural process, so natural, as a breath and an exhalation.

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Barbara Dale, coordinator

Barbara Dale, coordinator of the Parental network In the first dvatr of month of mother and to the baby it is best of all much time to spend together.When it feelings will become more developed, the baby will begin to realize world around, but initially its world this is his mother therefore first of all he wants to see and to learn it.Peter Walker, writer, yoga instructor and the physiotherapist working with mothers and children Communication with the baby Today there is a set of proofs of that kids are born ready to communication and interaction with adults.

The child

At the account it holds with one hand a core, and another from left to right by means of a divider separates one bead for another.The child already worked earlier with numerical bars, circles and spindles.Cores with beads it is possible also to lay out on a table.Now the child displays all other cores with beads, in the same way recalculating beads on each core.A numerical row is so remembered: set and color.Later it facilitates the account of color cores with beads.


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